Use Case: Running Promotions Using Voice and Airtime.

Voice as a technology has been around since phones came into existence. It offers a medium that easily gives conversations situational context. You can easily identify the emotions of the person on the other end of the line depending on how they speak to you.

From a business perspective, this means that you can identify complaints and compliments from the tone of voice. You can then tag these conversations and work on improving your services.

Because it is a technology that can be used on any phone, smartphone or not, it means that you can reach a lot more people. Not only can you reach more people, but you can also speak to them in a language they understand. Not everyone can read and write.

Let’s take the example of a DJ Mix and Event Promotion.

Products used are Premium VoiceAirtimeSMS and Payments.

To make this process transparent and ethical, the DJ will collect user phone numbers on a platform either through USSD or phone/web app. This data will be collected through a signup form.

Every time the DJ has a new mix out, they will call the subscribed users and play 30 seconds of the mix.

This next step will use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature. This is a feature that allows a user to interact with the different phone keypad digits to get information. If you have ever interacted with a system that asked you to press 1 for a certain action and 2 for a different action let’s say Press 1 to get account balance, press 2 to speak to an agent, that was IVR.

Once they consume the 30 seconds, they are asked if they would like to pay for the mix/support the DJ.

This will initiate an STK push that asks if they are ready to pay for the mix. If the DJ will be playing at an event they can also purchase the event tickets at a discount. This discount price will only be available to people who have purchased the ticket and can be bundled up with the purchase of the mix.

What is an STK Push?

An STK push in full is a Sim Tool Kit push. This means that the end user does not need to interact with a lot of the STK menu prompts to get to finish the payment. A pop-up will appear on your screen for you to input the pin so as to complete the transaction.

An example of an STK Push

After the transaction is done, the user will get a notification message about the transaction. They will also receive another message asking them to input the phone number of whoever recommended the service to them. The recommender will get rewarded with some airtime.

There is a lot of ways in which these technologies can complement each other. They all can reach millions of people as they work for both feature and smartphones.

The possibilities and permutations of how to use these technologies are endless!

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